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Malcolm Catwell - Executive Assistant

Malcolm Catwell is a meticulous, task-driven graduate of St. John’s University. He holds a degree in Dramatic Arts, Film, and Television. Catwell is the Executive Assistant for Reed Limited Entertainment (RLE). He has extensive administrative experience managing client-centered office operations. He ensures the agency's smooth operation with his robust office management knowledge and efficient handling of client inquiries and consultations. Born a passionate singer, actor, and dancer in Brooklyn, New York, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was only three years old. Catwell brings with him the interpersonal skills necessary to perform his job at the highest level. Catwell is equipped with exceptional abilities to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications within RLE. Known for quickly grasping complex concepts while working in fast-paced environments to deliver results seamlessly, he is a valuable asset to the company and a critical support pillar for the team. 

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Ambre Reed - Business Partner

Ambre Reed is a dynamic leader and facilitator from Atlanta, Georgia. Reed brings over a decade of experience curating and producing in-person and virtual events in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and New York City. Reed has organized and facilitated conferences and events in the nonprofit and higher education sector with a strong creative and entrepreneurial spirit, and a track record of leading and delivering research, project management, business development, and evaluation. She is a founding member of The University of Georgia’s Black Alumni Leadership Council, where she served as the Retention and Engagement chair, for both Atlanta and Washington DC, for three years. She has engaged over 3,000+ Black alumni through social media, and numerous events across the country. Reed also co-founded the Black Southern Experience Collective (@blackandsouthern). Her work has a strong grounding in racial equity, anti-racism, intersectionality, workforce development, and community-driven outcomes. 

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Jamika Render - Graphic Designer 

Jamika Render is a creative and socially driven graduate of both Georgia State University and Georgia Southern University. Although she is a natural-born creative, she has extensive graphic design experience starting during her time at the corporate office of Weight Watchers International. She has over 5 years of design and creative media/design experience. As the team's freelance graphics designer, she provides on-demand graphics that are visually appealing, trendy, and on-brand.

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Mo Sharpe - Social Media/Public Relations Intern

Mo Dozier Sharpe graduated from American Military University were she received her degree in Public Health. She has over 17 years of experience in medical and scientific research industry. Sharpe is the Public Relations Intern for Reed Limited Entertainment(RLE). Her exceptional research skills are great additional to the RLE team along with her previous experience as a Entertainment and News Journalist. With these skills, she  is able to understand the perspective from a journalist view and offer great insight to help propel and transition the company to new heights.

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Monique Nicole - Social Media/Public Relations Intern

Monique Nicole is an Entertainment Writer for The Jasmine Brand, where she covers the latest in celebrity gossip, pop culture and current events. She is an outgoing and committed professional who has experience in administration, customer service, entertainment, and online media. She is a lover of all things TV, Film, Music, Pop Culture and Media. She is thrilled to bring her many skills and enthusiastic spirit to the team.

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