Malcolm Catwell - Executive Assistant

Malcolm Catwell is a meticulous, task-driven graduate of St. John’s University. He holds a degree in Dramatic Arts, Film, and Television. Catwell is the Executive Assistant for Reed Limited Entertainment (RLE). He has extensive administrative experience managing client-centered office operations. He ensures the smooth operation of the agency with his robust knowledge of office management and efficient handling of client inquiries and consultations. Born a passionate singer, actor, and dancer in Brooklyn, New York, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was only three years old. Catwell brings with him the interpersonal skills necessary to perform his job at the highest level. Catwell is equipped with exceptional abilities to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications within RLE. Known for quickly grasping complex concepts while working in fast-paced environments to deliver results seamlessly, he is a valuable asset to the company and a critical support pillar for the team. 

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