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Trailblazing Publicists

Hey Vocal readers! Hope all continues to be well during these unprecedented times. I am sharing with you some major inspiration. Please share this article and connect with these highly accomplished Publicists you should know that is taken over, and making their mark in the world. The hard work and passion these talented PR Professionals put into their individual businesses and clients is a sight to see. I am so proud of each of them and completely honored to showcase these All-Star PR Specialists to you all. As an Independent Publicist and Journalist, Founder of Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media, I am inspired. Anyone who aspires to join the Public Relations industry takes notes from these professionals who are killing it in the game. Enjoy!

Danielle Shavonne Reed


Reed Limited Entertainment, LLC

Danielle Shavonne Reed is a bilingual publicist and CEO of Reed Limited Entertainment, LLC, a public relations consulting company based in Washington, DC. Reed Limited Entertainment or “RLE” was originally created in December 2016, to be a platform for Reed’s personal talent whom she managed as a talent and artist manager in Atlanta, Georgia. But with the creation of the platform, more and more talent sought management, assistance and a variety of other services. Reed decided to take on more talent and juggled so many that after one year, she saw the need for a better system. Today RLE is a consulting company that represents celebrity talent, brands and entrepreneurs. With a passion for music, news and entertainment and a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies and Spanish Language, Literature & Culture from Syracuse University, Reed is well-traveled, trained and experienced. RLE offers the following services: press and publicity, talent development and booking, and social media management and marketing to clients on a monthly basis. We are currently accepting new clients. The RLE network includes contacts at places like Viacom, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, BET, Revolt, the Trap Music Museum and more. Reed is driven by her passion to diversify the music, television and film industries. Her goal is to represent the stories, voices and shades of all people.

Connect with Danielle at

Instagram: @daniellesreed.


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