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Recap: Aisha’s Asking For A Friend Screening Party: Where Are They Now? [Video]

Aisha Del Rosario Co-star of TV One’s Asking For A Friend, Launches a New Podcast and Hosts ‘Where Are They Now’ Screening Event

Aisha Del Rosario is a rising TV personality and Host in Atlanta, Georgia. By day she is a Corporate Recruiter, and by night she is the Co-star of the latest episode of TV One’s Asking for a Friend. On Thursday, August 31, Del Rosario reunited with her Atlanta co-stars at Aisha’s Asking For A Friend Screening Party: Where Are They Now? She had an opportunity to find out who is still single and who actually found their happily ever after. As for herself, she is still looking. 

Del Rosario landed her TV debut in 2022 with #AskingForaFriend hosted by Lisa Raye. Del Rosario became a mother at 16-years-old. Her daughter helped her build resilience and character full of fortitude, perseverance, and humbleness that would lead to her first job in entertainment, as an Executive Assistant at Elektra Records in New York City. In the years that followed, Del Rosario worked for The Hit Factory and Sony Music and built long-lasting relationships with some of the music industry’s biggest names. Her goal now is to continue telling her story with the relaunch of her podcast HonesTea with According2Aisha

“I want my story and my podcast to create a community of women and men who are committed to healing, spiritual growth, and finding love all in one place. I want more than anything to create a safe place where people can evolve and find their true purpose in love,” said Del Rosario. 

After surviving a divorce with three kids years later, Del Rosario needed a creative outlet and gave birth to her podcast, According2Aisha, in 2018. The platform was created to heal trauma one conversation at a time. As an advocate for mental health awareness, Del Rosario wants to provide a healing platform for people to discuss childhood trauma and teen parenting. “HonesTEA with According2Aisha” is a safe space for people to come together to heal, laugh, and cry. The new podcast relaunch is coming to all social media platforms including premier television network PLUStv on the “ROKU” platform. 

Take a look at the event highlights below.

Video Credit: Mo Clark (FEMI Magazine)

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