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Math Educator Hosting 'Pi Day' Event at Piedmont Park on Good Day Atlanta

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Pi Day is just a few days away and educator Christopher Roblesz wants to use the day to get students excited about math. He joins Joanne Feldman to talk about the special celebration he's hosting at Piedmont Park.

Math Educator Christopher Roblesz talks his annual Pi Day Celebration and fundraiser in Piedmont Park: Christopher Roblesz is the Founder of Math N' More. Math N/ More's mission is to provide youth, especially disadvantaged youth, with culturally enriching opportunities as it pertains to math tutoring and education, and prepare them for STEAM careers. The Pi Day Celebration and Community event is this Saturday, March 11th at 1:59 pm in Piedmont Park. All youth, family and schools are encouraged attend this FREE event and over 100 students are currently registered to participate in field day activities including: Pi-throwing contests, pie eating contests, games, relays and pie decorating contests. To register click here.

Watch the full interview here.


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