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Macon Mental Health Advocate Andrea Cooke in Georgia Public Broadcasting

Since the spring of 2021, the city of Macon started a private/public partnership, Macon Mental Health Matters.

The initiative has been boosting access to wellness programs, counseling, and treatment — at no cost to the client, Project Director Andrea Cooke said.

Public activities including yoga every second Saturday of the month, local hikes, and even a meetup at cigar bar bring mental health counseling to people where they are.

"We do a drum circle," Cooke said, providing an example of one activity. "Drumming helps to regulate the heart rate. It helps people who have anxiety, and helps people who have ADHD refocus. It is a calming technique."

What happens, she said, is that people don't know that they're getting that benefit from participating in an hourlong drum circle.

Through offering these nontraditional mental health services people can feel more comfortable asking questions about the nature of therapy.

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