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DMV artist captivates his audience with progressive, thought-provoking music

(WEAA)– Tr3 Taylor is a DMV artist who captivates his audience with thought-provoking music that is progressive. He promotes conscious messages within his music while seamlessly blending melodies and incorporating live musical elements.

His style and approach to music sets him apart from most modern day artists. His family encouraged his musical development from the age of 6 well into his teenage years. His father supported him by building an in-home studio.

During his interview on WEAA, he discussed the importance of being an independent artist and having a network of people around him that not only aligns with his purpose but his brand. After breaking away from a record deal, the birth of Choice Music Group happened amid the pandemic where the essence of his music would no longer be compromised.

Tr3 Taylor feels he is not alone on the journey to make "conscious music great again" he is just one of many artists in the DMV area and beyond who also try to promote positive messages within our circuit of music.

Click the audio to listen to the interview and follow him on all platforms @Tr3Taylor.


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