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Aisha Del Rosario Talks Life Lessons, Being a Mother, and Relaunching Her Podcast

Aisha Del Rosario is a corporate recruiter and rising TV personality in Atlanta. She’s the co-star of TV One’s, Asking For a Friend, hosted by Lisa Raye. Aisha’s journey from becoming a mother at 16 to her career in the entertainment industry has taught her valuable life lessons, leading her to launch the podcast “HonesTEA with According2Aisha.” Through this platform, she aims to create a community dedicated to healing, personal growth, and finding love. As an advocate for mental health, Aisha seeks to provide a safe space for discussing trauma and parenting. The podcast is set for relaunch on multiple social media platforms, including PLUStv on the “ROKU” platform.

How did you become involved in the TV One series “Asking for a Friend”? Can you share your journey from a corporate recruiter to a rising TV personality?

I became involved with the show after applying for a few dating shows and somehow ending up on a Casting Director’s algorithm on social media and someone reached out to me about the opportunity. I had auditioned for a few previously and they had not panned out. After being contacted for an interview, I agreed to do a cast audition with my work buddy, a fellow recruiter. It just made sense that we use our recruiting skills to find ourselves partners!

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