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Amber Camp

Amber Camp is a rising model, actress and influencer with a dynamic look and personality. Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Camp has a passion for theater, health and wellness. In her first acting role, Camp was cast as an extra in the hit movie Juwanna Mann (2002) where she discovered her true passion for acting.


A natural in front of the camera this West Virginia University graduate went on to star in several hit plays for Grayson Productions including, “Not Just Another Holiday” in 2011, and "Fighting Angels" in 2014 and 2015. Following these roles, Camp was cast as a model in The Hair Battle Royale (2015) and The Upstate Beauty and Fashion Showcase (2017).


Camp is thrilled to be represented Reed Limited Entertainment and looks forward to landing bigger roles. Currently based in Seattle, Washington, Camp available for casting in Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, and Vancouver. 

Contact for media inquiries and interview requests. 

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