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Myazwe Myazwe Ntungo was born in Winnipeg, Canada on September 22, 1994 to parents who emigrated from Zambia. He grew up on the south side of the city surrounded by family members making music, 

including his cousins. One is the member of a well-known local group called The Lytics, and the other is Minnesota rapper Allan Kingdom. Myazwe was 18 years old when he really started making music. Prior to this, he played piano for two years in middle school, grew up singing in church choirs, and was a part of a rap group called Fantasic 5ive at age 16. The group produced a few songs that ended up on YouTube out of fun, but is wasn't until the end of high school that Myazwe started writing raps due to a spontaneous rap battle that occurred in the hallway with one of his best friends. He lost, and after that day, started to write raps in his spare time to have ammunition . Then he fell in love with hip hop.


In the summer of 2012, Myazwe called up an old basketball coach who was also a producer and asked him for some studio help. After his first time recording, he knew that rapping was what he wanted to do. He attended the University of Manitoba for two years before dropping out due to a lack of interest in what he was studying. He told his parents he just wanted time off to figure out what he was doing, but in the back of his mind, Myazwe knew he wanted to be a musician. 


In 2014, Myazwe signed to an indie label based in his city which was created by one of the biggest artists to come out of Winnipeg. But he left the label in early 2015, due to their lack of understanding about his vision and what he wanted.

Leaving the label helped him understand what to expect in the future and the industry, and it taught him how he should navigate it. In spring 2015, he released his debut EP titled 'Undecided' under the name Oz Jackson which received positive reviews from listeners.

In 2016, Myazwe started producing his own music and started going by his birth name “Myazwe” which means 'let me help you'. It was around this time that he really started to figure out who he was as an artist and created his debut album ‘E'.

Want to perform in NYC?

Myazwe's first performance in NYC

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