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Bouqé pronounced bu’kei, is an organic hemp rolling paper brand. A bouqé is an assortment of flowers that have been aesthetically arranged so it can be given as a gift. The mission is to offer a premier rolling paper brand of the highest caliber. Its founder Corey Dunson, a former collegiate athlete, was first introduced to the benefits of cannabis after suffering a series of concussions. Informed by that experience, Dunson set out to work in the cannabis industry. Bouqé can be found in smoke shops, dispensaries, and recording studios in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area and is available online. Bouqe is dedicated to "destigmatizing" cannabis and the cannabis industry.

Bouqé, a 100% natural hemp rolling paper line based in Washington, DC. Dunson considers cannabis a flower and decided to create a brand that would clean up the image of the industry with a more mainstreamed, friendly packaging. The idea to create a hemp rolling paper line struck Dunson one day while he had some flowers and paper.


The University of Georgia graduate and former college athlete treats entrepreneurship like sports. Dunson uses his instincts to complete objectives and thinks of business like sports. He launched Bouqé this year and began competitively marketing the brand locally in gas stations, studios and small businesses.


Dunson wants Bouqé to become the number one rolling paper brand in the United States. He also wants to raise money for non-profits and his community so he can give back. Dunson is driven by the lack of Black representation in the cannabis industry today. His two biggest lessons learned this year have been the power of ingenuity and to have lots of patience.

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