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Have you always wanted to model?

Bri's first RLE booking at Bridal Ball in Atlanta


Briana "Bri" Reid is an Atlanta-based fashion model with a burning passion to become one of the top international models in the world. She was born into a military family so she loves to travel and has a fiery and adventurous personality. Bri began modeling at age 17, and has not stopped since. She has successfully walked in over 100 runway shows and has worked with several top designers and photographers all over the country. 


Bri decided to pursue modeling because of her runway walk. After being told that she was born with a walk similar to that of supermodel Naomi Campbell, she began to study Campbell’s runway walk like a mad scientist. Bri is also inspired by Maria Borges, Jasmine Tookes, Winnie Harlow, Liu Wen and Karlie Kloss.  Bri is a young woman who believes in accomplishing her goals no matter what and wants to inspire others to do the same. Her goals are to get signed to a international modeling agency and book a Victoria Secret Fashion Show as an American Model.


Bri’s mission is to pave a pathway for those who have the drive for greatness, but don’t know where to start. She wants to inspire those with dreams to move in their own direction powerfully and confidently, deflecting any negative emotions that don’t belong to them, while gently and lovingly pushing through the ones that do.  

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