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The Next Generation of Artists are Here & Tr3 Taylor is Making Sure They Receive Their Respect

Maryland-based musician Tr3 Taylor is back with a brand new album and mission of proving that he and a the next generation of music artists are about to take over. Aside from being thoughtful, well-written and produced, the new album, “Walk With Me” also packs a punch with standout single “Angel” featuring rising singer, Rumour.

Born in Forestville, Maryland and raised in Capitol Heights, Tr3 Taylor started his musical journey in the church choir at a young age. But it wasn’t until he was 12 and rapped a song called “16 Bars” to his father that his father understood Taylor’s deep love of music. So, like any good parent, Tr3’s father built out a starter home studio, which marked the beginning of it all.

Fast-forward 4 years later when Tr3 was 16, and fresh off the release of his first self-engineered mixtape, “Only Human”, which he released to great reviews. 2016 found Taylor attending Frostburg State University and connecting with fellow artists while she was still under the name “Tre Taylor”. Taylor would then go on to spend the next 2 years writing his first album, “The Bridge”, which was also well-received, racking up over 25,000 streams within it’s first 3 months of release.

Rewind to two years earlier, in 2020 where Tr3 Taylor and his team created Choice Music Group. Then, fast forward to current times, more specifically, July 1st, 2022 and you will find Tr3 Taylor releasing his sophomore album, “Walk With Me”, which teaches listeners valuable lessons on what it means to be an educated Black man living in America today.

On the 13-track album, Taylor pours out his frustrations, life revelations and narrates his reactions to current events, police brutality, love and relationships, making for a potent addition to today’s wide range of music releases.

Stream “Walk With Me” below and follow up @tr3taylor


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