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  • Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson

RLE Presents NYC Nights Featuring Rising Hip-Hop Artists

On November 14, Manhattan witnessed the introduction of today’s newest hip-hop artists by an entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Reed Limited Entertainment hosted NYC Nights, its premiere event, showcasing Winnipeg rapper Myazwe Ntungo, Brooklyn rapper Nate “Nomad” Perez, and other local music artists at Manhattan Brew & Vine.

Myazwe, pronounced [me-yaz-way], is a 23-year old Canadian rapper and producer who’s dreamed of making it big in the United States. His debut album E: My Experiences on Empty has over 300,000 streams on all music platforms combined, and he’s booked over 20 shows all over Canada in the last 10 months. Myazwe recently reached a milestone landing an internship at Twelve Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nomad is a budding viral phenomenon with Dominican roots and a sexy, trap-Latin flair. His hit single and music video “Vanity Love,” produced by Eric Mayfield, has over 3600 views on YouTube, and his 2016 singles “Let Go” and “New Obsession” received various media placements and press. Both artists are managed by Reed Limited Entertainment and will

release major projects in 2018.

“My next project Late to the Party will be dropping this spring,” said Perez. “The whole concept of this project is to share my undergraduate experiences with the world and how college helped shape the person I am today.”

NYC Nights opened with performances from Atlanta rapper Very Organic, Bronx rapper Mélan, and afro beat, hip-hop artist Amanze Oparaeke. Amanze captured the crowd with engagement and uplifting messages then performed two unreleased songs titled “Too Much” and “Fine Wine.” Nomad closed the show out with a high energy performance debuting his new single “HBK” aka Heart Break Kid.

“My favorite performer of the night had to be Amanze, because he really came out and drew the crowd in with such a big charismatic presence,” said Ntungo. “It was definitely intriguing to watch him up there.”

The purpose of NYC Nights was to showcase Reed Limited Entertainment’s new talent roster to music, television, and media professionals in New York City looking for artists and music for 2018 projects and campaigns. Reed Limited Entertainment is a new management, booking and marketing brand created by Syracuse University graduate and talent manager Danielle Reed. Reed independently manages talent in the form of music artists, producers, photographers, models, and actors.


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