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  • Avery Shepherd


It’s been nearly a year since rapper Myazwé (pronounced ‘me-yaz-way’), released his debut album E: My Experiences on Empty, and while he’s managed to keep the project in the public eye with a few strategic video drops, he’s also sought to move beyond the LP with a string of one-off singles. Released last month, “Light Show” is the latest of these standalone cuts and it finds Myazwé gliding alongside a murky trap beat provided by Toronto producer KINGBNJMN.

Although he plays in a similar aesthetic arena as other zeitgeist-chasing rappers, what sets Myazwé apart is his pacing and sense of melody. “Light Show” opens by placing its bouncy hook front and center, a move that serves to lock the listener in before getting peppered by a volley of sharp barbs and hazy ad-libs. It’s a solid display of verbal skill, although ultimately the effect feels more rhythmic than lyrical. That all changes, however, when Myazwé goes charging into the second verse. Here he shifts gears and cuts back on the gas, trading fiery passion for assured efficiency. “When I get to the club, all eyes is on me / I know what you want, I got what you need,” he intones, playfully tugging on each phrase and wrapping them around the beat. It’s the optimum use of an otherwise throwaway line, showing Myazwé may just have the chops to make his mark.

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