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Jasmine Guy Stars in "The Lady Makers" Film [LIVE Interview] at Atlanta Premiere

Media personality and host Danielle S. Reed interviewed actresses Jasmine Guy, Amber Reign Smith and Teagan Williams at the premiere of "The Lady Makers" film in north Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Reed Limited Entertainment (RLE) and Reed TV has more on the cast, film and premiere.

This new film directed by Tony Tite, follows the stories of three wayward girls who lives become intertwined as a result of consequence. Guy plays a humorous and down-to-earth domestic from the South, and Smith plays the role of Marvelous, a tough and disagreeable character with a dark past.

The dramatic new film is now available on Amazon Prime and in select theaters. It is playing at the Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, according to CBS 46.

Watch our live coverage with the cast of "The Lady Makers" below:

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